Rotisserie Oven

Designed with a stainless steel body, our rotisserie oven features corrosion resistance,good rust resistance and high durability. It is able to quicken heating. The oven comes with a large and transparent tempered glass window for full view of the roasting product inside. Furthermore, high temperature protection system and safety protection system are adopted in our rotisserie oven as well to ensure safe operation.

The maximum volume a three-layer of rotisserie oven, a six-layer one and a nine-layer one are respectively 12, 24 and 36 chickens. We make use of infrared ray as heating source in our ovens, which roasts the chickens at an uniform speed and further reduces energy consumption. We also provide rotisserie oven, which is specially designed with two doors.

U-shaped heating tube allows the heat to evenly penetrate the meat, thus creating a consistent, moist, tender and perfectly roasted product. It also reduces energy consumption significantly.

Specially-designed cellular ceramic burners ensure that the heat is evenly and consistently distributed for excellent cooking and browning. In addition, the burners are also able to quicken heating greatly.

Removable stainless drip tray is also equipped for easy cleanup.

Two casters are designed with brakes and the other two aren’t, which contributes to easy transportation.