Gyro Machine

Gyro machine is also known as gyro grill or vertical broiler. It is used to broil meat on a rotating metal spit, that can be used for gyros, doner kebabs and shawarmas. Our gyro machine is available in either gas-fired type and electric-powered type. It features simple production process and low cost. Its housing stainless steel construction allows long-lasting durability, while a high-power motor is adopted to ensure its normal operation. The machine is designed as a lateral drawer and it is mainly made up with a grill cabinet, electrical heated tubes, a junction box and a meat spit.

The meat spit is equipped with a micro motor to drive the kebabs on it to rotate. In this way, heat from electrical heated tubes will be evenly and consistently distributed for excellent cooking and browning as well as less cooking time. In addition, point switches are used, which makes it convenient and easy to hang or take down kebabs. Our gas-fired gyro machine comes with infrared burners, which are equipped with flame-out protection valves and are able to speed up heating greatly. Moreover, it is field convertible to liquid gas or natural gas if required.